Brooklyn Book Fair: Andrew Cotto reads from The Domino Effect

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Andrew Cotto reads an excerpt from his novel, The Domino Effect, as part of the Brooklyn Book Fair festivities on Sunday, September 23rd.

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THE DOMINO EFFECT tells the story of Danny Rorro, a charismatic kid from Queens poisoned by the past. A series of painful defeats have left him scarred and isolated from his neighborhood, his parents, and, most significantly, the benevolent ways of his childhood when he was known as “Domino.” With great insight, imagery and wit, Danny recalls his past in Queens and his coming-of-age at Hamden Acad
emy. His story includes being brutalized for moral behavior, heart break at the hands of a friend, falling for a girl with a secret, a conflicted African-American roommate, privileged classmates, hostile wrestlers, regretful behavior and a robbery that threatens not only Hamden’s fragile social structure but Danny’s plans for redemption, as well. This fast-paced and powerful story is rich with conflict, humor, tenderness and music — just like life, especially when coming-of-age.

Praise for Andrew Cotto and THE DOMINO EFFECT:

“In Andrew Cotto’s heart-wise and moving new novel The Domino Effect, we lucky readers are returned securely to a legacy of American storytelling that includes Huck Finn, Jean Louise “Scout” Finch, Holden Caulfield, Susie Salmon, and Stephen King’s Gordie LaChance. Add to that list Danny “Domino” Rorro…Cotto has created a smart and honest page-turner that will break your heart even as it uplifts it…” — Joseph Salvatore, author of To Assume a Pleasing Shape

“With Domino, Cotto has created a character and a story that is as engaging, full of humor and heart as the best coming-of-age novels.” – Ann Hood, author of The Red Thread and How I Saved My Father’s Life and Ruined Everything Else

“Andrew Cotto’s debut novel is extremely accomplished, full of wonderful details and unforgettable characters. The Domino Effect is a beautiful book.” – Carol Goodman, author of Arcadia Falls and The Lake of Dead Languages

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