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Freshman English and the iGen Intervention

By November 20, 2017 246 comments Permalink

I’ve worked in higher education as an instructor of English for over 10 years. Most of my academic focus has been on first year writing courses or what can be generally described as Freshman English. I love it. There’s a real opportunity to educate and inform the manner which students will comport themselves as thinkers…

Tom Petty: Feminist Rocker

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It was the summer of 1979 when I first heard Tom Petty on the radio: I was talking with a friend of mine Said a woman had hurt his pride Told him that she loved him so Turned around and let him go… “Don’t Do Me Like That” was my favorite song for a while,…

White; Not-White (and the problem with privilege)

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Hard evidence of white male privilege can be found in the fact that I – contrary to reality – don’t necessarily consider myself white or male. I don’t consciously reject these characteristics nor do I selectively choose to disassociate from white males, it’s just that there are more personal aspects of identity that I’m able…

The Narrative Power of “Oh My Sweet Land”

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Often overlooked in these times of strife, both domestic and abroad, is the power of storytelling. We watch our news and follow our feeds and converse with like-minded people to agree with each other and dismiss those who don’t share our views. Storytelling, for the most part, has become an escape from this stressful reality….

Less Liberal in the Liberal Arts

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter once dismissed me as “a novelist no one has heard of and also teaches creative writing at CUNY.” The former aspect of the ad hominem attack worked on me because, yeah, well, you know, she was right (Doh!); the latter part, poor phrasing aside, probably played much better with her far-right audience…