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An Adjunct’s Odyssey

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As an adjunct instructor in higher education, September’s editorial about the death in destitution of Margaret Mary Vojtko, after 25 years of service at Duquesne University, is particularly heart-breaking and alarming. I imagine her story being similar to many others, including my own. After a decade in the corporate world, I decided that a shift…

Charles Barkley Is a Role Model (Sort Of)

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Charles Barkley declared in 1993 that he was not a role model. After a career of clumsy comments, it was possibly the most insightful thing he’d said up to that point (even if his intention wasn’t to be self-reflective). We as a society don’t need wisdom bestowed upon us from young and grotesquely-paid professional athletes….

Dog Days Are Over (Thanks to the Dog)

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Andrew Cotto Our family of four has been in a funk. My 11-year-old daughter became a tweener, so she’s been spending a lot of voluntary time in her room alone. My 7-year-old son has become a wiener, at times, so he’s been spending a lot of involuntary time in his room alone. My wife had…

My Dear Friend Is Getting Married Today

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It is July 14, 2013, and my dear friend is getting married today. Like me, he’s in his mid-40s; unlike me, and almost all of our peers, he’s never been married. Not even close. My friend chose the song for his wedding. It’s a modern ballad by a modern band named Lovedrug. The song is…

An Interview With Dennis Lehane

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Getty Images Dennis Lehane is the author of ten novels — including New York Times bestsellers Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, Shutter Island, The Given Day, and Moonlight Mile, as well as Coronado, a collection of short stories and a play. His latest bestseller, Live By Night, recently won the prestigious Edgar Award for “Best…