My American exceptionalism fantasy is over: How these midterms sealed the deal

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(Credit: Curioso via Shutterstock/Salon) Elections often hurt. Especially when they make you feel like a fool. I was one of the few who had held out hope that the electorate in key states would favor Democrats in respective races for Senate seats and governorships. As the map turned red over the course of Tuesday evening,…

“A murder that involves a choking, a shooting, then a roping?”: Why rap lyrics shouldn’t be used in criminal cases

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(Credit: Newport News Police) In a Times Op-Ed earlier this year about the trend of prosecutors using rap lyrics written by defendants as evidence against them in criminal trials, Erik Nielson and his co-author wrote: “It is easy to conflate these artists with their art [and] it becomes easier still when that art reinforces stereotypes…

Italy’s ultimate answer to bacon: Guanciale

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Bucatini all’amatriciana A recent year in Italy taught me that the pig is the king of its gastronomic jungle. Italians heart hogs. They prepare every imaginable part in every imaginable manner: cured and roasted and braised, even slow-poached in olive oil. One terrifying morning, in the back of a butcher shop, I ate it raw,…