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Forget the Wings: This Year, Make a Rib Roast For the Super Bowl

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It takes a certain kind of confidence to give yourself an honorary doctorate, but after 15 years of barbecue cookoffs as a hobbyist, Ray Lampe earned the title of Dr. BBQ. He even looks the part: a badass Colonel Sanders type, with squared-off beard and spikey hair (think of Guy Fieri’s really cool uncle). In 2000, after…

Case 009 – Andrew Cotto – Outerborough Blues

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Case 009 – Andrew Cotto – Outerborough Blues   This week’s big interrogation is with Andrew Cotto about his second novel, Outerborough Blues: A Brooklyn Mystery. Caesar is a young man in a rough section of Brooklyn in the early 1990s. He’s just trying to cook good food and fix up his house when a…

A Less Intimidating Feast of the Seven Fishes

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Credit: Josephine Estelle (New Orleans) “The Feast of Seven Fishes” is among the many Italian culinary customs and traditions that immigrated from the Old World and have remained relevant in modern America. While the meal takes place officially on Christmas Eve, certain Italian-inspired restaurants around the country offer it up at various times this month….

7 Recipes to Give Your Thanksgiving An Italian Kick

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Your Thanksgiving meal is tired, unchanged, and uninspired. Sure, that’s part of the tradition: The first Thanksgiving, after all, was dedicated to the fact that the pilgrims had food to eat at all. But why let that stop you from trying something different? Our vote would be to look to Italy for inspiration, a country…

Sahadi’s Offers a World of Things That Can Be Put in a Jar

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It was a blustery spring Saturday in Brooklyn Heights, and the customers shopping at Sahadi’s Importing Company on Atlantic Avenue had their heads covered — hijabs, snapbacks, church derbies, pork pies, bandannas, kufi skull caps — and their hands full of products, samples and numbered tickets. The tickets are needed to keep order and flow…