Outerborough Blues

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Reviews Reviewing The Evidence – Outerborough Blues Michela Pasquali – Postcard Moments – Outerborough Blues: a Brooklyn Mystery, by Andrew Cotto Readers Favorite – Outerborough Blues AustCrime – OUTERBOROUGH BLUES – Andrew Cotto Raven Crime Reads – Andrew Cotto- Outerborough Blues Mystery Scene – Outerborough Blues. Publishers Weekly – Outerborough…

The Domino Effect

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Reviews “In Andrew Cotto’s heart-wise and moving new novel The Domino Effect, we lucky readers are returned securely to a legacy of American storytelling that includes Huck Finn, Jean Louise “Scout” Finch, Holden Caulfield, Susie Salmon, and Stephen King’s Gordie LaChance. Add to that list Danny “Domino” Rorro…Cotto has created a smart and honest page-turner…