Andrew Cotto is the award-winning author of three novels and a regular contributor to The New York Times. Andrew has also written for Parade, Men’s Journal, Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, Condé Nast Traveler, Italy magazine, Maxim, and more. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Blog: Our Italian Year

Cucina Tipica – An Italian Adventure

Cucina Tipica: An Italian Adventure is the story of Jacoby Pines, a disheartened American who arrives in Italy on holiday

Outerborough Blues

OUTERBOROUGH BLUES: A BROOKLYN MYSTERY is an unconventional noir that takes place on the dawn of urban gentrification. Lyrical, atmospheric

The Domino Effect

THE DOMINO EFFECT is award-winning story of Danny Rorro, a charismatic kid from Queens poisoned by the past. A series of painful

Our Italian Year – December

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Paolo’s forno billowed wood smoke over the olive grove. The December afternoon smelled of burning pine and rosemary. These were good days. Days when the outdoor oven cranked and Marta and Paolo had invited us next door to their villa for dinner of pizza and misto’rosto (mixed roast). Marta, predictably, was an accomplished cook. Her…

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The Conversation: Let’s Talk About Race

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  Andrew Cotto and Damon Young want to have an ongoing, very frank conversation about race. Here is part one.   Andrew: I’m excited about our conversation. The idea came to me when considering many of the articles submitted to the Good Men Project’s feature on race this past August. There are a lot of…

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Our Italian Year – November

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The harvest hit its peak in early November. The whole commune buzzed with activity involved in the picking and processing of grapes and olives. In every grove, in every vineyard, men in flannel and denim and tweed plucked ripened fruit. Three-wheeled Apes (or “bees”) zipped along the narrow streets on their way to the mills,…

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No Presidential Challengers Have Any Heart

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  Andrew Cotto doesn’t think any of the challengers to President Obama have enough compassion to succeed.   As of last Sunday, the presidential election of 2012 is one year away, and while the general consensus from political pundits, 52 weeks out from the election, is that, given the economic plight of the nation, the…

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Our Italian Year – October

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Our Italian Year – October Our new home had a large terracotta terrace on three sides and an olive grove for a backyard. A sagging fig tree loomed over the stone staircase that led to the grove. Inside the barn doors was a lofted ceiling and sparse amenities fronting an open yet small kitchen stocked…

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